IMG_1972Why Andrea Disaster?

When Andrea was 18, she really enjoyed a song that mentioned a character named Ann Disaster. Since she is Andrea, not Ann, she tweaked it a little. The fact that she is prone to mishaps and rather klutzy just means it makes sense.

I Always loved big cities and had big  dreams of moving to New York at some point in my life. The stories of Times Square and Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium the teams; Yankees, Rangers and of course the food. Do I have to say I love pizza? You can’t beat a NYC slice and if nothing else I would move there for that.

I asked this vape shop in pittsburgh to set up show in my hood so I can get the best of vaping right here in NYC.

Well OK you have to admit the nightlife, the clubs, the restaurants, the people and everything about NYC just rocks! It seems that most of my friends from New York city are either from Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx or Staten Island but they all say they’re from NYC – It sounds way cooler. I guess I would eventually land over in Brooklyn but I do prefer Manhattan.

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I think I would be good at it. I can make people laugh and keep them entertained for hours on end. I have an extensive film background and do movie reviews. I might not be a supermodel but I’m very pretty I’ve been told and definitely have the booty that many guys are into.

I think by the time I’m ready to visit NYC I will call one of my girlfriends to get the scoop. In the meantime you can read all about what happens by checking back here often 🙂