Few of my favorite things

Just a list of some stuff I’ve purchased in the past year that’s made my life easier. Because I’m Andrea, not Oprah, none of you are getting any of these for free, however, everything is less than $10, so have it on your own.


Dry shampoo, a bangs essential. I used to use Oscar Blandi, but the Suave stuff is cheaper, works just as well and smells better (something reminiscent to a mid-90s body spray as opposed to a gross lemon cleaner smell). Wins all around.


This little owl, who keeps my toothbrush safe and protects it from my tacky shower curtain.



I should have bought these years ago. GOODNESS GRACIOUS. I can finally breathe at night now. Year-round allergies are no laughing matter, kiddos. I’d wear these during the day if I could get away with it.


This mirror, until I broke it (whoops).

And I suppose the phone that I used to take that photograph, though it’s more than $10. It’s proven to be very helpful, though sometimes it causes some acute worrying about my dependency on technology, but let’s leave those worries for another year.